PCB Design
   JSC ALFA has been operating in the Electronic industry for more than 45 years. For such long time we have accumulated wide experience in printed circuit boards (PCB) design and we're ready to offer our high-skilled and not expensive services in PCB design for our clients.

   We create complex digital, analog and hybrid 1/2/multi-layers PCBs with high-density placement and routing, impedance control, complex analog-digital multi-split power planes.

   Technology of PCB design includes several stages (with special checkup after each), where general stages are:
    creating libraries of the electronic components and geometry
    creating netlist
    PCB layout and routing
    design rules check - DRC

   We are equipped by up-to-date PCB design software systems and stations. We use manual, interactive, automatic, mixed placement and routing. We support all the current surface mount technology and fabrication techniques available today.

   If you are interested in order placing for PCB design at our enterprise please do not hesitate to send us by any comfortable for you ways the following information and we will prepare a commercial offer for you:
    Schematic circuit draw in any format
    Bill of materials, DataSheets for using components
    Board draw in any format
    Specific notes

As a result of our work you'll get the full technical documentation suit for the PCB assembly.