Components Supply
    JSC ALFA offers all components supply to those clients who would like to order PCB assembly at our factory. We can provide any components that are necessary for implementation your orders. We have strong contacts with Europian components' distributors.

    We also have concluded strong strategic long-term contracts on delivery of components with several reliable wholesale suppliers from South-East Asia. They are always ready to supply needful components of different items in short delivery time.
    If your PCBs requires the specific components from the concrete manufactures we will establish contacts to them and will make all possible to receive this components.

    In addition we can offer components with different prices and qualities. Our brokers can select components for your order according to the best index 'price/quality'. You do not have need for being turned into an enormous quantity of companies for the selection of the best components for the best money. We will make this for you.

    The principles of the work of JSC ALFA are Quality, Speed, Reliability. All components we buy only from proved-by-time manufactures and wholesale distributors. All orders are processed with a maximally possible speed. JSC ALFA attentively follows its reputation, ensuring reliable and long-term contacts with the clients.