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    Testing and Quality Control

 ALFA RPAR AS has the up-to-date equipment for :

  • Automatic in-line optical inspection

  • In-circuit test / functional test

  •   We perform 100% inspection and all appropriate ESD precautions are adhered to when handling hardware. All ALFA RPAR AS customers appreciate the thorough quality control procedures that are in place to ensure their orders are produced correctly and on time. Quality inspections are performed at receipt of materials, in-process and after the job is completed.

      With the increasing miniaturisation of components in electronic assembly, previous methods of inspection using the naked eye can prove to be unreliable due to tiredness, loss of concentration etc. That's why we integrated special automatic in-line optical inspection system into our PCB assembly line. Automatic inspection eliminates errors caused by the human element when inspecting for assembly faults on a PCB. The System ensures total inspection in the process from the first to the last PCB.

      Electrical in-circuit test is intended to reveal availability/absense of an element on the board, to check its correspondence to rated value taking into consideration circuit influence, as well as to detect open/short circuits and pins, which could occur during the technological process. Test-fixture for in-circuit test we produce in-house. Type of the test-fixture - bed of nails (possible from both sides, also for SMT components). During in-circuit test all values of components and presence are checked to detect open/short circuits and pins.

    ALFA offers the most complete and cost-effective PCB assembly facilities in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry, providing the full product life cycle from design and engineering to high volume production including assembly, testing and selective conformal coating services. ALFA - Printed Circuit Board Design and Assembly and Fabrication. JSC alfa alpha ALFA PCB SMT ESM SMD PCBA MEM OEM MCM COB PTH BGA CCGA QFP PLCC CHIP DIPP THT DIP PAL Flip chip MC SOIC TSOP SOT MELF SOD SOP ESD SOJ DFT CM CMS CAM CAD PCAD gerber OrCAD. Printed circuit board assembly automatic automated selective conformal coating chip-on-board assy ball grid array thru hole pin through hole mixed technology functional test in-circuit testing automatic vision inspection end-to-end fast flex rigid. Latvia Riga Baltic States Lithuania Estonia Moscow Russia CIS Germany Poland Finland Norway Sweden Denmark Baltic Sea region Europe Swiss France Spain England UK United Kingdom Ireland Eastern Central Asia China Korea USA international. Prototype design electronic components integrated circuits solution quickturn turnkey. Partnership business partner company contract stock consignment. Manufacture fabrication manufacturing processing proceeding assembly assemble design electronics semiconductor system boards circuits layout cables layer box-builds technology testing repair service upgrade subcontractor subcontact IT telecommunication full capability.

       Contact information

    •  140 Ropazu Str.,
    •  Riga, LV-1006, Latvia
    •  tel: +371 67553075
    •  fax: +371 67553173
    •  www.alfarzpp.lv
    •  e-mail: smt@alfarzpp.lv
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