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 Hi-End audio two-channel operational amplifier
  AS402 Hi-End audio two-channel operational amplifier

    AS402 is two channel bipolar-input Hi-End audio operational amplifier and provide ultra-low THD+Noise level -130dB (1Khz) and -110dB (40kHz) for Rl= 600 Ohm & Cl=100 pF. Amplifier drives a 32 Ohm load at 10 mW and 600 Ohm load at 70 mW. AS402 is unity-gain stable and provides excellent dynamic behavior over a wide range gain and load conditions at a wide supply range of ±4.5 to ±18 V.
AS402 is a hybrid module with DIP8 footprint.


Customers reviews:

The comparison was performed by replacing the operational amplifiers in the post-DAC AK4497 filter.
With MUSES02, the sound can be characterized as bright, sonorous with an average separation of instruments, scale
sounds and dynamics are good, but not outstanding.
With AS402 (ALFA), the sound became more transparent, with a lot of small nuances and high resolution. Dynamic
contrasts are very expressive and emotional. The low-frequency range is detailed and fundamental. The music scene
has clear spatial outlines with tangible images and the air between them. For example, the drum kit is very natural,
You can clearly hear which drum or cymbal was hit by drumstick, to the left - to the right, higher - lower, closer - further.


  AS401-AS402 comparative review in Hi-End Audio-DAC application - by Dmitry Andronnikov

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