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Matched PNP transistor pair
  AS395 Matched PNP transistor pair 

 The AS395 dual monolithic PNP transistor offers excellent parametric matching and high frequency performance. Low noise characteristics (1 nV/√Hz typ @ 1 kHz), high bandwidth (190 MHz typical), and low offset voltage (100 μV max), makes the AS395 an excellent choice for demanding preamplifier applications. Tight current gain matching (3% max mismatch) and high current gain (100 min), over a wide range of collector current, makes the AS395 an excellent choice for current mirrors. A low value of bulk resistance makes the AS395 an ideal component for applications requiring accurate logarithmic conformance.
To insure the long-term stability of the matching parameters, internal protection diodes across the base-emitter junction clamp any reverse base-emitter junction potential. This prevents a base-emitter breakdown condition which can result in degradation of gain and matching performance due to excessive breakdown current.
The AS395H, AS395CH are available in the 8-pin metal can TO5-8.


- dual matched PNP transistor
- low offset voltage: 100 μV max
- low noise: 1 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz typ
- high gain: 100 min
- high gain bandwidth: 190 MHz typ
- tight gain matching: 3% max
- excellent logarithmic conformance

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