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  AS3341 - Linear in dB temperature compensated voltage controlled current source (VCCS)

    AS3341 is a voltage controlled current source with internal temperature compensation and a matched pair of NPN transistors. Current source uses a temperature-compensated core of the VCO AS3340,
with an exponential and linear control scale.
   The output current Iout- can be varied within a wide range from 50 nA to 500 µA. AS3341 also has a current output Iout + = 1 / 4Iout- which can be used to compensate for the linearity of the control
characteristic for a large output current Iout- .




- controlled range
– till 14 octave
- fully temperature compensated
- summing node inputs for current control
- matched differential NPN pair
- high exponential scale accuracy


  AS3341 Tip: trimming algorithm of AS3341 in ladder filter oscillation application


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