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Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator (ADSR)
 AS3310-Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator (ADSR)

The AS3310 is a self-contained, precision ADSR type of envelope generator intended for electronic music and other sound generation applications. Attack, decay and release times are exponentially voltage controllable over a wide range, and the sustain level is linearly voltage controllable from 0 to 100% of the peak voltage Vp. All four control Inputs are Isolated from the rest of the circuitry so that the control pins of tracking units may be simply tied together.



- Large Time Control Range: 100,000:1
- Full ADSR Response
- True RC Envelope Shape
- Exceptionally Low Control Voltage Feedthrough: 90µVmax
- Accurate Exponential Time Control Scales
- Isolated Control Inputs
- Good Repeatability and Tracking Between Units Without External Trim
- Independent Gate and Trigger
- Wide power supply range:
   negative rail: -15V ÷ -9V (via external resistor)
   positive rail: +11,5V ÷ +15V

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