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 NPN Transistor Array
  AS3052 NPN Transistor Array 

 The AS3052 consists of 8 NPN transistors, 2 diodes and 1 buried zener on a common monolithic substrate. Transistor array allows variety of connections – differential pairs, different type of current sources, different kind of multipliers/dividers ,… .They may be used as discrete transistors in conventional circuits however, in addition, they provide the very significant inherent integrated circuit advantages of close electrical and thermal matching.
Pin 12 (-Vee, substrate) must be connected to lowest potential in circuitry. Diodes AD1 and BD1 are formed from transistors similar to A1-A4 (B1-B4).


- filters (Moog type)
- multipliers (like MC1496)
- dividers
- Gilbert cells
- custom designed differential amplifiers
- temperature compensated amplifiers

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