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 operational amplifier
  AS177 - Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier with wide voltage range
The AS177 op-amp has a very small offset voltage, which is achieved by trimming the microcircuit at the manufacturing stage and a wide range of supply voltages. The AS177 op-amp has low input currents and a high gain. Low offset voltage (Uio) and high gain (Au) make this op amp particularly attractive for use in instrumentation circuits.
A wide input voltage range (Uicmax) in combination with a high common-mode input voltage attenuation coefficient (KCMR) and high impedance provides high accuracy for non-inverting switching circuits. In deep feedback circuits, high values of linearity and accuracy can be achieved. The op-amp has high and normalized stability of the offset voltage and the difference of the input currents (Iio) in time and from changes in ambient temperature.
The accuracy and stability of the AS177, even at high gain, combined with the freedom from external nulling have made the AS177 an industry standard for instrumentation applications.



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