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    About ALFA
   JSC ALFA is the company whose stability and reliability have been proved by time. We have been operating at the market of Hi-Tech Electronics and Microelectronic Components for more than 45 years. Established in 1959, ALFA is one of the leading designers and manufactures of microelectronic components and applied electronic devices in Baltic States. Company shows a dynamic growth through implementing advanced technologies.

   The company's facilities was modernised in order to adjust to the new fields of activities. A new strategic development program was composed and implemented. JSC ALFA became the leading company in Latvia as subcontractor in PCB assembly and automatic selective conformal coating.

   ALFA offers to implement your projects in Latvia with purpose to cut the planned costs. Our excellent skills and strong traditions in manufacture and assembling wide range products and ability to ensure high quality, short lead times, experienced working staff, low labour cost provides ALFA's partners an unique opportunity for profitable cooperations.

  The Company stresses importance of state-of-the-art production equipment, therefore almost half of ALFA revenues are invested in latest technologies, sophisticated machinery, measuring equipment and modern software systems (e.g. CAD/CAM systems) of latest generation. The company uses complex CAD applications in its product design.

  High value-added products of ALFA call for significant intellectual investments. All our engineering personnel has higher technical degrees, as well as professional skills and experience to create a product - from emerging the idea to the finished article, to design and make modules, to assemble blocks and appliances. The key issue in staff development is to maintain the continuity of technical skills at the Company.

  Companys infrastructure and intellectual potential ensures a complete product development cycle, including product design - testing of pilot samples - product assembly - testing - delivery - after-sales services.

  Our western approach to company's management and ALFAs capability to be reliable long term co-operation partner allow our clients to concentrate on their core activities and to stay highly cost-effective, as they pay only for the services they really need. We are aware that our clients success is precondition to our own success!

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 140 Ropazu Str.,
 Riga, LV-1006, Latvia
 tel: +371 67553075
 fax: +371 67553173
 e-mail: alfa(at)alfarzpp.lv
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